We are living in the age of fashion

Every woman of all ages is trying to get into the fast pace world. They want to look good and be seen. This demand makes it hard for them to find the clothes that suit them best. It also makes it hard for designers to create clothes that reflect a current trend and fit a particular body type.

In this section I will introduce a new form of fashion called New York Fashion, also known as “Hoodie” fashion because it is worn by young people with dark skin tones in dark hooded jackets, tight fitting black trousers, ripped jeans and sneakers. In addition they have their hair styled close to the head with bangs or maybe even pony tails – they are just like punk rock kids but more classy 😉

„The fashion industry is constantly adapting in order to stay ahead of the times. Macy’s, for example, changed the way women shop years ago by introducing a variety of women’s clothing at the same time. Today, New York’s luxury retailers are perfectly happy to get it right. Instead of celebrating fashion, we are forcing people to choose between new trends and old favorites.”