This article focuses on the fashion industry in New York.

Fashion is a very important industry in New York, where about 70 percent of sales are generated from it. There are many model agencies and fashion labels that have offices there or employ people for their private collections. The largest brands such as Benetton, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY and H&M collaborate with these fashion houses.

Some of the most popular names in NYC are „Jill” by Jill Stuart and „Bella” by Vivienne Westwood. They both provide women with unique clothes which they can wear on the street or at home. Both companies attract customers with their trendy designs but also offer them off-the-wall items like tracksuits made out of raw cow’s milk.

Fashion is the most important and popular area of the creative industries. The fashion industry is huge and it has a wide range of products to choose from. This section will cover fashion in New York City.

The city’s capital of fashion, New York has a large number of designers, stores and boutiques that sell many merchandise including clothing, accessories and footwear. Fashion shops are not only located in the city but there are also many cities around it like Miami, London, Paris or even Tokyo. The shopping experience for fashion lovers is wonderful because you can choose from over 70 international brands that can offer to you clothes at cheaper prices than anywhere else in the world.