The technical aspect of the fashion industry

Technology has created global trends and marketing strategies through the medium of fashion.

Women represent a very important part of the fashion industry, especially in New York. Women have been found as the driving force behind the fashion industry and they are still increasingly becoming more important than men.

With the rise of mobile devices and internet, it is easier than ever to explore fashion trends and to take photos of outfits that you like. In this case, fashion bloggers are instrumental in spreading new ideas about clothes and helping people understand them better.

Fashion is a global industry, and that’s why all the big cities of the world have at least one fashion brand.

Over the past years, Fashion Week has been a serious event in New York. Fashion Week (FW) is the most important event in New York, with more than 500 fashion shows on different days. Most major brands who have their headquarters in New York like „Versace” or „Louis Vuitton” usually appear on this famous day as well.

In this section, we will look at the different types of fashion worn in New York. We will also see how people get dressed and what their style is in terms of fashion.