Fashion is one of the most important industries in the world today

However, it is still a niche industry. A lot of people are interested in how fashion has changed over the years and what has changed since the days when clothes were made from scraps of fabric from trash heaps and how wool coats got their name from that.

The first chapter covers different types of fashion clothing dress styles, including fashion lingerie, sportswear, and many others.

The second chapter focuses on popular women’s fashions such as spaghetti straps, super-short dresses or embellished skirts.

In third chapter we learn about street style (the style found on streets) and high life style (the trend found on high society events). It also introduces trends such as color combinations (black-white) or special designs.

Fashion is famously a huge market in New York, with tremendous potential for sales. And we have the intellectual capacity to understand it. Our idea of fashion is subjective, and that’s why I think that our models should be rational actors.

Fashion is a global phenomenon and the biggest economic driver in New York. So, every year we expect more and more fashion design exhibitions to come to the city.