Fashion is one of the most competitive global industries

as a result, fashion has become a global industry with many very talented designers that can make all types of clothing.

There are different types of fashion design in New York like couture and block styling. On top of this, there are tailors who design dresses from scratch and so on.

We live in a world of universal trends and it is important to keep up. Fashion is very dynamic and changing in a second. As the fashion industry grows, so does the influence on many other industries.

The Fashion industry has an impact on every other industry, from Retail to Media. As a result, designers are not putting enough effort into creating really original ideas for their clients and so they have some kind of priority over their own business which is not very good when you look at the overall market growth rate for Companies.

Fashion also has a huge influence on the media as well, notably with TV series and Adverts . For example: „Fashion Police” created by Thom Browne , „Project Runway” created by Tom Krebs , and „Dollhouse” created by Joss Whedon .

Fashion is a culture of the moment, it’s about style, about look and about what you can wear. I’d like to share my thoughts on why women are so interested in fashion. And then a brief summary of what I think that women are looking for in fashion today.”