Fashion has been a big part of the New York City lifestyle for a long time

Te city’s culture is based on fashion, as well as its economy and social scene. It’s hard to imagine that this industry is not built on a foundation of women and fashion. But in recent years, the industry has changed dramatically. Women have become more independent, choosing to work outside the home or even not working at all. And with this growing trend, it’s no wonder that women are taking up more roles in the economy and business world.

In a time when fashion at the highest level is afforded to brands that are able to use their logo in multiple, highly designed and printed advertising campaigns globally, it is interesting to see how New York is trying to give more life, growth and fashion appeal to its youth.

The most significant part of the campaign is done by using a pop-up ad in which a young girl is modelling her latest look. On her head she wears a green hat with flowers and on her shoulders she wears an open-necked dress. A message reads: “Don’t limit yourself! Every girl can be someone special!” After that the girl goes back into the crowd where people are still talking about how beautiful she looks. The idea behind this commercial is “to show that you can be anyone.

In the past, fashion in New York has been synonymous with a certain type of clothing. Today, however, it is very different and this section will explore this difference.