An article by The New York Times that explains the ways in which designers

We should not forget the importance of fashion in today’s society. While it is important to look good, many people ignore the importance of changing their outfit every day. There are even some people who choose boring outfits when they go out, but when it comes to work, they are forced to be creative.

The use of fashion helps improve communication among the employees. It also creates a mix between work and leisure time. Fashion makes a big difference in terms of comfort and productivity for white collar workers who are busy with their work at the same time as they would like to take a break from it all. Here is an example – if someone has a long day at his/her office, most likely he/she will look for something more comfortable than their usual business wear – shoes and suit jacket might.

Fashion is a global industry with many creative minds, designers, and journalists. One of the most successful designers today is Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme des Garçons. She was born in Japan but currently lives in New York where she started her business. In this article you will find out what makes Rei Kawakubo such an inspiring fashion designer and why her success has become a household name.